I design for passionate, candid clients—people who strive to do good. I live and work in Portland, Oregon.

My clients include non-profits, B-corporations, design studios and small businesses. As a freelancer, I cater my work to support causes I deeply believe in.

Before freelancing, I was on staff at Portland Rescue Mission, designing for fundraising and development with newsletters, direct mail and banquet decor. And I wore some other hats, too. I was the event photographer, I worked the walk-in desk at the downtown location, and I interviewed homeless guests and recovery residents—took their pictures, wrote stories, the whole bit. Once a week I led a group of female volunteers to do foot massage for homeless women. It was an amazing job.

Before that, I worked at Erwin Penland Advertising in Greenville, South Carolina, where I gained some of the best job training a designer could ever ask for. I worked with so many incredible art directors and designers, I was pushed beyond my limits, I developed a meticulous insistency for accuracy, and I learned how to be flexible and responsive with clients. I count a number of my superiors from EP as mentors, even today.

EP was my first job after working at my college the year after I graduated. I was a designer for Furman University's Marketing and Public Relations Department, where I'd also worked as a student throughout my four years at Furman.

I design for candid, passionate, clients—people who strive to do good. I live and work in Portland, Oregon.